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Hodgepodge Dishes~

Cereal will be different tomorrow because this bowl will not be apart of it.  Yes, I am a sentimentalist and I do hang on to certain things, if they have meaning and continue to provide enjoyment and usefulness.

Big deal I know, but as I sit here smiling with all the memories of this little dish it is a big deal to me. This vintage SCIO oatmeal bowl belonged to my great grandmother, Mommie Wilcox.  She lived on this earth with us until she was 92 years old and was the oldest matriarch of my family that was alive during my lifetime.  I had an amazing thirty-three years with her.  She has been gone for just over 9 years and that is exactly how long I have used her little bowl.

It is significant for me and my family that we are able to have the memories of her; thoughts that put special meaning in something as trivial as a ceramic cereal bowl.  It makes me fulfilled that she was here long enough to have time with each of my children too.

In the generations that my great-grandmother (1912) and her daughter, my grandmother (1929) were born,  food was the most integral part of their lives and it didn’t come from anywhere else other than their own gardens and their own kitchens.

An enormous part of their lives was dedicated to food.  The growing, canning, preparing, and cooking of food was as much a part of their life as raising a family – without the food and their relentless efforts to always have it, there would be no family.

I am proud of Mommie Wilcox’s hodgepodge dishes for the simple reason that when we use them I am reminded of how fortunate I have always been.  I am not sad that this bowl is gone I am only blessed with the reflection it brought to my life.

Momma & Mommie Wilcox 1996~

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2 thoughts on “Hodgepodge Dishes~

  1. What a sweet blog, Mommie was such a grand and yet simple woman and there is hardly a day that passes that she doesn’t come across my mind and my heart.

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