Rooftop One Bedroom

 Simplicity At Its Best
What more could you really want, no clutter, no mess, one bedroom with a rooftop view.  Straight in the heart of nature.  I took this photograph locally in Gastonia just off the edge of a soccer field upon which I had been sitting for three hours, crocheting and taking pictures of my son during soccer camp until I could sit no more!   I knew that there was no possible way I could take one more picture of him and his soccer ball in any move that I didn’t already have a thousand times, so I decided to stretch thee legs and to my surprise, just off the edge of the field, nestled among the foliage was this picturesque, non-soccer related scene.  If I closed my ears to the whistles and background noise coming from the field, I could imagine that I was deep in the middle of nature, a national forest, or on some farm completely away from the hustle and haste of city-girl life.  I stood there for several moments just pleased with the view before I realized that this was the shot of the day, and it had nothing to do with goals or balls or drills.  This picture of simplicity made me smile.  I snapped several shots hoping the view from the camera was as beautiful as I thought it was  in person~ and you know, it really was.