Holiday weekend, busy with family, errands, food, and children!  My sister came home, all the way from the Longhorn State, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Her two oldest children are the same age as my son, so I arranged for several playdates during their stay.  The children had fun getting acquainted, and it gave me an opportunity to further practice my photography skills.  Making my momma very happy to have some recent photographs of all six of her grandchildren together, in the same place, same state~

I didn’t want run of the mill family photos, those taken on the sofa after one has stuffed one’s self with ham, spinach balls, dressing, and pumpkin pie, (that is a post yet to come), but rather, instead, I wanted memorable photographs with very scenic backgrounds, taken inside and out.

We didn’t force the children to dress alike all in jeans and white shirts, or in any fashion.  They could choose what they wanted to wear, my only request was for my children to dress so that maybe some of the shots could be used for Christmas Cards (which I never seem to get into the mail), also for another post.

For a week before our guests arrival, my momma and I tried to decide the perfect place for the photo shoot.  We didn’t want anywhere near a lot of people, but wanted it to be serene and pretty.  After searching through our local hot spots, we came up with an unorthodox idea of using my mother’s workplace for the shoot.  The building is relatively new, grounds beautiful, and it doesn’t have that “go to work” feel, just because of the type of industry she is in.

Being a mother of three huckleberries and a photographer, it is difficult to not snap up an entire SD card of photos just of my own children, but I was fair with all children and made sure that the mix was about half and half.

The children were very patient with me and the 722 photographs that I took that day.  Hey, that’s a goal to set, try to and smile 722 times in one day!

By day’s end, they were tired and hungry, but to my surprise, not cranky or fussy at all; not even the newest baby who is only 3 months old!  Thanks for the opportunity Momma and Elana and all of the children.  The end result was beautiful!