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I have read quite a few of my Facebook friend’s posts where they have completely undecorated their homes of all the Christmas paraphernalia, and are ready for the new year.  I have done this in the past, December 26th, and everything comes down, but this year our tree was different in its own right.  Our tree is not huge, only about six feet tall, and that is in the stand, it is artificial, something we almost never did in the past, and it has no lights.  The lights always seem to hold us up since it is not a pre-lit tree.  The tree goes up, then before any decorations can placed, the dreaded lights must be meticulously placed on the tree.  Last year, time was getting near, and we decided to forgo the lights in lieu of just the simple decorations.  This year followed suit in that we procrastinated putting up those silly lights.  We proceeded with only decorations again this year, no lights, and we have come to like it.  It just seems more old fashioned to me, more natural, more like something the forest animals would decorate in the clearing in the woods.  So I believe this will be our new family tradition, no lights on the tree.

Now that Christmas Eve and Day have come and passed I sat looking at the tree, just me and the tree, and I thought it looked downright beautiful, and have decided to leave it up all year-long.  Not with the Christmas decorations, even though they will stay on it for another few weeks.  I think I would like to experiment with a family tree for the year two thousand and twelve.  We can make homemade special ornaments and decorate the tree with each passing holiday or special event through-out this coming year, or with whatever decorations make us happy at the time.  The possibilities are truly endless for decorations, yes, there are the standard, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Birthdays, Fourth of July, and etc., through-out the year, but the exciting part is that we will end making most of these unusual decorations ourselves in fun family projects, then be proud of our creations.  This can generate a new look at family time that we haven’t thought of before while making new memories, and being eccentric all at the same time.

We will just have to come up with some other use for the one thousand lights that now have no use in their conventional manner.  That is an idea to ponder upon.  For now, our quaint little tree with all of its non-matching, handmade over the years decorations will stand and be a reminder of the simplicity of Christmas, something we can all use a little more of.