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I believe we all experience different needs with each passing year or birthday, and with my fourty-first just around the corner, I decided it was time to come out of my introverted shell.  What I needed was an old-fashioned dose of people, culture, art, music; anything that would help me to become the person I want to be, or better at the things that I already know how to do.

I recently happened upon a local bookstore, Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe, and had a delightful phone conversation with the owner.  Promising myself to visit the shoppe, I tucked that “to-do” in the back of my  mind.

This past Thursday was the first event that I was available to attend and it happened to be 2nd Thursday’s Poetry and Spoken Word, “The Art of Spoke Word”.  Now, I am a lover of poetry, usually the old classics and long dead poets are my favorites; however, my daughter and I ventured out to this event in person to see exactly what I have been missing.  This little shoppe tucked away in our downtown was packed, standing room only, and yes, I stood for over two hours just to take it all in.  The self-taught musician, John Morris, was playing Roxanne, his favorite guitar not the song, as we walked in.  Moving a little closer as we were able, we were mingling around individuals from all walks of life young and old.  John Morris continued to play throughout the night which we greatly enjoyed.

In the background was the largest piece of stretched white canvas I’ve ever seen leading my eyes to the gentleman sitting not too far away with paint brush in hand.  We were to experience live music, be intrigued by an artist in person, have the honors of guest poet  J. Scott Wilson and left speechless by the featured poet C.P. Maze.  At one point John Morris offered for my eldest Huckleberry to play his Roxanne if she so liked, and gracefully she declined.

Our guest poet for the evening, C.P. Maze was as personal as you could have hoped for, and the talent streaming from his lips truly left me speechless.  Throughout the session, John Morris continued his musical accompaniment which intermingled with the poetry and the painting.

The artist taking his canvas and depicting his feelings of the atmosphere and event that was occurring in the book shoppe was mesmerizing.  Ryan Karpinsky from The Art Station, from just a few doors down was the featured painter / artist of the evening.  In the span of two hours this artist had created a master work of art, right there in the book shoppe before our very eyes.

The finale was the auctioning off of the masterpiece.  Shown below is the artist, Mr. Karpinsky and the owner of the new masterpiece.

In the span of two hours, I had completed what I had set out to do.  I experienced and lived live arts, culture, music and socialization with real people all at once, all in one location, Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe, and loved every minute of it.