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I like to paint, the way the brush feels in my hand.  The strokes of color brought to life by imagination; what I feel, who I am, what makes me happy and content, what soothes me.  Painting.  I am an artist, if I believe I am.


I have known a few artists in my life, of many different distinctions and mediums.  These are the people who come to mind when particular memories ring back from years ago.  I remember a very talented painter from high school, Candy, who could paint anything – I wonder where she is today?  Such talent at such a young age.


I knew a musician from high school, David, whose talent far surpassed his age at the time as the music he played sounded as if was a work of art.  Today he is a very successful composer and virtuoso of music.  I have seen sketches and drawings completed by Gale, and her children, who all seem to possess a way of taking the ideas from their minds and perfectly placing them on a canvas or sketch pad.


My family is comprised of artisans in one form or another; my daughter who can so eloquently speak the french language and strum guitar, my sons who can each draw and depict intricate designs on the smallest piece of paper and they appear as masterpieces to me.  My husband creating works of art in his shop, whether a boat or a settle or cupboard.  I myself have dabbled with paints, but usually it is painting a room, or a piece of furniture, or a boat when I take up the brush.   

During a recent outing I stumbled upon, and I do seem to be doing that more often – almost as if finding hidden treasures all around me, here in my home town an art gallery, The Art Station.  I have a schedule, children, a family and work so I just don’t have time to throw-in spontaneous excursions very often.  When I do, I try to make them count.


Walking in the door I was enveloped in color and canvas, sculptures and true pieces of art.  The owner, Ryan Karpinsky, greeted me and took the time to show me around the gallery.  In what felt like a private tour of the entire layout, the paintings were amazing and truly made me want to reach for one of the brushes, a blank canvas and some oils, which I have never attempted, steal away to a corner and just explore what I could do.


Tucking that thought in the corner of my mind for another time, we discussed art lessons for my son, and schedules.  Ryan was polite and personable, excusing himself to take a few business calls, he would return to show me the art of a different resident or local artist.  Ryan and Roy Lindsay Woods are The Art Station’s Resident Artists and featured works by Nat Cole, Ken Shermer and Collin Martindale are also on display.


Not surprising that my camera was by my side, I asked if I might take some photographs while visiting the gallery, and was delighted when given an open invitation to photograph all that I wanted. So I did!


I have reviewed the photos several times that I took that morning and each time I do something else comes to the light of the canvases; a view that I didn’t see the first few times I looked.  With Mr. Karpinsky’s permission, I am displaying here some of the shots I took in an attempt to share the beauty that was shared with me.


Thank you Ryan for your time and conversation.  I look forward to visiting The Art Station again, if only just to take in for a second time the beauty that awaits and the colors that appeal and draw you in to the heart of your gallery.