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Lawn of green, sticks from tree, scavenger lad and his new teepee. Proud is he, amazed me, just to sit and be so free~

Yes, the short phrase above may be corny and a poet I never professed to be, but it is true.  This little lad is always thinking and looking for something to do or to build and he doesn’t need much in the way of materials.  He can simply walk through the yard, pick up a few sticks and construct a teepee as shown above.

Give him a few blocks and he will make a castle.  Jenga has multiple uses in our house.  Just to play the actual Jenga game we have to first search through the block box.  Give the lad a few left over pieces of PVC pipe and fittings and he will build the most intricate waterway system complete with aqueducts, bridges and ponds then sail his paper or leaf boats down the stream.

He can walk into either of our shops, Dave’s or mine and within just a few minutes his little fingers are exploring and the quick turning cogwheels of his mind are already at work.  He is always fascinated with the smallest trinket he finds and asks, “Mommy, can I have this?”  Once we briefly discuss the difference between “can” and “may” he usually trots away with the newly found treasure to use in his next invention.

One of the best parts of a child is their imagination and the lack of fear to use it~

Being the third child Bailey has grown up, not in the shadow of his older sister and brother, but as their pupil.  He listens and he learns quickly.  He has gained a wealth of knowledge in his few years just by watching, listening to and learning from Sister and Brother.

When parents have a child the parents are the teachers, but in our home Bailey has had four instructors his entire life to learn from and help shape who he is and he is a better person for it.  I have friends from both sides of the fence; those with only one child and those with more than two and the general consensus is that the youngest sibling seems to be more well-rounded and flourishes easier.

We have taught and continue to teach all three huckleberries to be independent individuals and free thinkers; to be creative and use their imagination, and they do.  Children, in my opinion, are part of a family unit but also need to be considered or thought of as a real person.  It allows for building self confidence.  Bailey picked up quickly at a very early age that he is a person, little as he may be, and that he counts – what he thinks and feels matters, and should.

If there is a downside to raising one’s children as individuals not just as children it would have to be that sometimes you receive push-back on certain decisions or judgement calls or paths that you feel they should take.  We have also taught them that it is okay to agree to disagree.