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My DeskHappy New Year from Walnut Cottage!  To borrow a quote from one of my treasured movies The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy says, “My, people come and go so quickly here”. I apply that to 2013 and rephrase,

My, time comes and goes so quickly now.

And it does.  It is an old adage that the older one becomes the quicker time passes.  The sooner the next birthday pops upon us, the quicker it seems that school will be out for the summer, and yes, believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner.  Right around the corner if you are over the age of forty!

Planning or the lack of planning specific milestone dates in one’s life can create a more hectic schedule than one might think.  For example, if you plan your wedding and the birth of your children accordingly then you could spread them evenly throughout the entire year, but for most those are not events that are planned in accordance to how close to a holiday they are and more planned around seasons and weather.  We usually only think of the here and now, whether or not our wedding day will be on a beautiful rain free warm day for all to enjoy and most of us don’t look at the calendar 9 months out when a romantic mood sets in.  (Wink, Wink) What we do not think of is how that date and the celebration of that date for all future will affect us and our over scheduled lives!

Taking me for example, the summer calendar is free and clear and much less hectic but then the game is on.  School and club sports start in August followed by Noah’s birthday and Labor Day just a week later.  Olivia’s birthday arrives in early October, then Columbus Day and Halloween creeping around the corner.  November brings Veteran’s Day and my anniversary shows up one week before Thanksgiving then we slide on into Christmas and New Year’s.  Fourteen days later my birthday appears; exactly one week later Momma’s birthday with Martin Luther King Day in the middle.  We jump to February for President’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Bailey’s birthday two days later.  Slowing a bit Mamaw’s birthday doesn’t come around until the end of March with David’s birthday six days later.  Whew~ tired already!  It all stops at that point and we have an easy ride of it until August rolls around.  I mention all of these holidays in between because they create scheduling issues with being off work and out of school for them.

Just to add that tomorrow all vacations end and we resume our regularly scheduled work and school lives I am greatful that we are all still here to begin a brand new year.  llness seems to have pounced upon our house and so many others too, from what FaceBook posts indicate, in the form of a flu bug that by no rights should be called a bug, it is a whale of a virus that we just can’t seem to kick out the door.  It is my hope that with the return to a normal schedule we can wipe the slate clean and start anew with  bright smiles on our faces and a feeling great today mood.

So I say to you Happy New Year albeit a rainy and wet one here in the South, Happy New Year to you!