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Boys don't seem near as nervous as Dad ~

Boys don’t seem near as nervous as Dad ~

Happy second day of this brand new year!  I had a nice fluffy feel good post all lined up for today but sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  Today we spent the day at the Doctor’s office and then on to the dreaded “hospital” to admit David.  Second phrase, two words, kidney stones!

I personally have experienced these menacing little jagged devils twice in my life and that was two times too many, luckily I had my experiences twenty years apart.  David has experienced them twice in the last two months.  This time more extreme measures are called for with surgery set for tomorrow.

This could bring up several differences between men and women but I will only delve into two of them.  First, it would be as it appears that a man’s experience with kidney stones is going to be much worse than a woman’s, in most cases so I do give them that.  However my second point to the men versus women issue is that most men, and I say that with a grain of salt, most men are big babies when it comes to pain and illness.

I have experienced kidney stones, I have had root canals and at the top of the list I am the mother of three beautiful huckleberries so I understand the concept of pain.  It is not foreign to me, no need to explain it and none of the three; stones, canals or birth would I choose to go through again, but things happen and you do what you need to do.  Life’s occurrences are for the most part unexpected so we take the punches and roll with them.

I did take the boys by for a quick visit so they could say good night and the sweet photos are below.  Heading back to the hospital in a bit to stay with Dave tonight so he won’t be so lonesome.

Shows what is really at heart ~

Shows what is really at heart ~

Doctor Bailey taking Daddy's pulse

Doctor Bailey taking Daddy’s pulse