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SaladI am perplexed as what to do first, eat or write.  I set everything on the table and the aroma wafted up.  I made everyone’s plates and served them respectively then made my bowl of salad, cut my slice of desert and spooned up my main course.  As we weren’t all eating at the table I found myself carrying my dishes straight to my desk, plopped down and didn’t know whether to taste or type. I couldn’t resist so I tasted first ~ then typed!

Dinner Delivered ~Our friends Larry and Gayle not only prepared this meal for us but also drove almost an hour one way to deliver it to our front door.  What was inside the large box and bag smelled wonderful however it wasn’t until I set them down on the table that I realized the special effort that Gayle had put into making this for us.

The bag contained the salad makings; divided little baggies of Julienne red peppers, cut cauliflower and broccoli sprouts, quartered cucumber slices and sliced powdery white mushrooms.  A large container of fresh green lettuces of a mixed variety, a smaller container of red and juicy Tommy Toe tomatoes, a jar of Marie’s Creamy Ranch Dressing and I am not quite sure how Gayle knew that I absolutely love black olives but she did.  Also, a small tin of sliced black olives!

The box contained a very large tin of homemade meat and cheese lasagna that she had freshly made this afternoon, still warm and covered with Reynolds.  A fresh loaf of French Bread adorned the dish and to the side was a smaller tin of cream cheese covered brownies.  There were even pretty toothpicks holding the Saran Wrap from touching the top of the cream cheese.  Finally was the most beautiful golden-finch colored hand towel with a design of ears of corn on the cob on one end.

Absolutely beautifully put together and the taste didn’t disappoint the presentation; it was out of this world.  I have delivered a meal or two in my past but never have I been so detailed and meticulous in preparing my dish, making sure that every aspect of the meal and what goes with it was included.  And nothing needs to be returned to the chef, see every detail.

With David recovering from his surgery Gayle’s only thought was that I could use the rest and not have to worry about cooking tonight.  Thank you Larry and Gayle for having such thoughtfulness and consideration for others!