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Pay It Forward Your Way Being in a new year people have good feelings about them helped along by all the kindred spirits from Christmastime. They like to start fresh and feel as though the slate has been wiped clean. It is a figurative mindset not a literal happening, but mindset none the less.

Mankind likes the idea of helping those… but the “those” I am referring to doesn’t have to only be the typical type of “those in need”. Think outside of the box. There are the obvious needs of individuals, ones who have experienced a hardship from natural disasters, fires and the unexpected death of a loved one but when those things occur usually neighborhoods, communities, the nation and the world pull together to help them through. I am thinking on a much smaller scale.

I truly believe the act of giving should be more about what you want to bestow upon someone rather than what they want you to give them.

When we think of that phrase, “those in need” what does it really mean? In need of what? Taking financial security out of the equation all together now think about what it means. Still thinking small-scale.

Everyone needs something so you just have to find the right fit. Look at the objective at hand. Paying It Forward is about kindness, about one person doing for another person without going into a great expense or sacrifice to do so. If I made a list, and I probably will, of all the things I could do for someone else that didn’t cost a penny I bet I could hit 50 items.

True generosity is completely from the heart; being generous with your time and your talents.

We place more pressure on ourselves than we should with this topic. Your way of Paying It Forward doesn’t have to be by any set of rules or guidelines, no stipulations, returns or comments needed. Just do it your way, the best way you can in a manner that comes naturally to you. (Sounds like I am advertising for Nike and Burger King, Just Do It, Your Way!) Chuckling ~

The easiest way to start your Paying It Forward process is to take a look at who you are, what you have but do not need and what you are good at. What are your talents that you can share with someone else? Remember, small-scale.

Simplicity, keep it simple and look for the small acts of kindness you can do for someone else ~

To Pay It Forward all you need is your time and your talents and by “talents” I am referring to you. You are the talent! Amazing and yet so simple a concept that we so often over look it. Then take a look around you and see if you can identify just one person who is in need of something you can do for them. Something that will bring a smile to their face.

It could be as simple as rolling your elderly neighbor’s garbage can back to their house from the street; holding the door for someone instead of rushing past; speaking to someone on the busy uptown street. A smile, a word, a helping hand, that is all it takes to pay it forward.

Believe me no one is going to turn down a homemade pie or a crafty handmade item that you made especially for them because those things are special, treasured and one of a kind; priceless to the giver and the receiver but Paying It Forward your way doesn’t have to involve an item or tangible gift at all. It is nice to do for others just for the sake of doing and in the process you keep the good feelings moving forward.

A simple act of kindness will touch more than just the individual you were kind to, I promise ~