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Love LifeIt seems like such a long day today and I say that with no negative connotation at all.  Long days are not bad days there is just something a little different about them, the trick is to figure out what it is.

Our January schedules are just ramping up so the long days have really yet to even get started.  In a few weeks I will look back on today and wonder what made it so long; or maybe I will figure it out before I finish this post ~

Maybe it is the upcoming weekend and the anticipation of weekend freedom.  Even with weekend obligations the sense of freedom is derived from the fact that it belongs to you!

Whatever the reason for wishing I was already in REM sleep there are still things that need tending to before a night is called.

It is so very easy to get caught up in an individual day’s activities that I often end it with wishes; wishing something else could have been completed, wishing I had done more, said less, wishing for more than 24 hours in a day so I could do what, pack more into it?  

While revisiting today’s events in my mind and wondering where the time went I realized that I accomplished so very much on this day.  Important personal accomplishments and I’m glad I did them.  Maybe the day seems so long because it was so full ~ of goodness and blessings.  This is where I have to pause, think about changing my thought process and instead of thinking about what more I need to do, I should think about how it was so wonderful that nothing else would fit into it. 

I should be nicer to myself, in that by rearranging a few mental road blocks in my head my day went from “long” to “WOW”!  

In a doctor’s office this morning while waiting, what else would one do in a doctor’s office, an elderly gentleman Alvin Robinson asked me to let him know when they called his name because he was having a difficult time hearing the receptionist.  I continued to crochet and wait, and when his name was called I signaled to him and he smiled.  He also needed a little assistance standing to walk to the front of the office.  He was very humble and appreciative of my guiding hand and my heart smiled.

Had a great work day today, very productive which is always good for one’s self-confidence.  Nice to log off at the end of the day and know that you can begin again tomorrow with a little less on the old to-do list.

Picked my boys up from school and was the first to see their smiling faces as they hopped into the truck.  My smallest huckleberry told me today, “Mommy, I am so happy.” Now there is a deep thought to ponder.  For an 8-year-old to say so openly and innocently and feel unequivocably that they are happy is amazing.  Again, my heart smiling ~ 

Delighted to have a date with my momma this evening  a rare occurrence that we both enjoyed.  We didn’t rush, we had no where else to be.  We should treat ourselves more often.

Shared a few storybooks with Bailey tonight and we had fun reading them together.  I am always excited when he enjoys reading with me because I know that time is short and he will soon just want to read them to himself.

Sat and listened to Noah and how his day had been.  Not while doing laundry or cooking dinner or looking for lost homework, but just listening.  When that is all you do it is amazing what you will hear.

It is no wonder my day seems so long, it was!  Long and full of Life!