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Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You…

Thank you for reading my Walnut Cottage blog.  Thank you for your “likes” and “comments” as they are so appreciated!  Really they are.

Now, apply that to your normal, hustle & bustle everyday life.  In as few as two words, but as many as you like or as it takes you can express your gratitude for something someone did for or said to, you.

“Thank you”, we mean to say it either verbally or in an email, text or handwritten note but sometimes we get busy, unintentionally forget and the excuses go on and on and on.

I am guilty~ I have thank you notes to write, yes I prefer the handwritten ones, that get a stamp and go in the mail, but I have the hardest time making it to the mailbox with them.  If I followed my advice, I would be writing them now instead of writing to you.  Chuckling ~

Emails are quicker, texts quicker still but less personal.  We even shorten it to just a “Ty”.  I just smiled because my dear friend – co-worker and I pass Ty’s all day long through communicator.  She knows I am grateful and vice versa but we still type our Ty’s for whatever the other has done.  So I am guilty again ~

It actually takes very little time to sincerely convey appreciation for someone else’s time and efforts that you benefited from.

When you write a blog your writings or ramblings as many call them are opened up to the world.  Anyone who reads your posts, either by stumbling on them through a link or web search or those who have you saved as a favorite, can read what you have written; or we bloggers hope they do!

When someone takes the time to stop by, kick off their shoes, sit for a spell and take a gander around your creations you’ve succeeded! When they like something you have written it means they actually read it and if they liked it enough they will leave you a comment or follow your blog.  All are their way of giving you kudos for sharing part of you with them.  Hopefully they will leave your blog having smiled or laughed or learned something new.

In turn we should thank our visitors, those who give us the view counts and follower numbers.  The numbers only matter in that they show us we are making a difference through what we enjoy doing.

Tonight I did just that and it made me feel good and I learned a few things in the process of connecting back with my viewers, likers, commenters and followers.  Let them know you appreciate them spending a portion of their day with you and your musings ~

So to you my readers I say, “Thank you from the bottom of my southern heart for stopping by.”