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Robert Frost BookThe words of Robert Frost remain today my most cherished of all poetry and he my most favored poet.  Depicting rural life and nature, there is a realism within his works that I identify with and hold close to my heart.  I cannot say I have a favorite Frost poem as there are numerous ones that call to me.

Robert Lee Frost  was an esteemed American Poet of the early twentieth century.  He shared the birth date of my grandmother although he had lived for 52 years when she was born and he died just eight years before my birth.

Frost was Poet Laureate and favored poet of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy reading “The Gift Outright” at Kennedy’s inauguration.  Robert Frost was honored with four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry during his lifetime for his poetry collections.

I was in the fifth grade when I had my first experience with a Frost poem. We were required to memorize and read a poem to the class.  After discussing the assignment with my mother she introduced me to Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, a Robert Frost poem.  I am unsure if my connection with Robert Frost’s work is because it was the first poetry I learned, or maybe it is the similarities between what means a great deal to me and what he was most inspired to write about.

Regardless of the reason, I was hooked on Frost for life.  I will never forget my recitation or the accomplished feeling I had upon completion of my performance.  I must take the time to thank my momma for her insight and wisdom in the poetry arena and my teachers Ms. Horowitz and Ms. Rhodes for the given assignment.  Because of my early adoration for poetry and the meaning behind my first real poem, Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening was of course the first poem I ever taught to my children, and they know it still today.

In this section on Frost I will share with you several of his poems that have left a lasting impression on me and just might touch you too.  I often find myself envisioning the place Frost was in his life when a particular poem was written or pulling an old memory from mind that I associate with my meaning of his words.

Thank you for reading ~