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Happy that today is Wednesday, it’s all down hill from here.  Wednesday is not only my middle of the week, it is the one day a week when I have to officially be seen in my office.  It actually throws the whole week out of sync just a bit as the other four days I am spoiled in working from my home office.

Telecommuting or working from a location other than your office building is a benefit offered by many companies today that is not only advantageous to the employee but very profitable for the employer as well.  The employee spends less time in traffic and on daily commutes allowing for more family or personal time.  There is also a savings on gasoline, vehicle maintenance and parking fees.  Fortune 500 companies especially allow this type of working environment because it enables them to allocate millions of dollars that would be spent on office space rental and phone lines to other resources. They also reap the rewards of employees working longer and harder in a home or remote office than they would in an actual assigned office building. Employees are more likely to log onto their computers earlier, not take lunch hours and continue working after the closing bell when working from home.

Over the years my friend and I have come to the conclusion that eight out of ten times it will rain on our Wednesday in the office.  Today however we were fortunate to only have cold.  I bundled up for the frigid cold morning walk from the parking lot to my building two blocks away and the weather didn’t disappoint as it was extremely cold, but a clear, crisp, clean cold that embraces you.  Driving in this morning, in the darkness it I actually enjoyed it.

Being at home so much of the work week gives Wednesdays a new meaning, you can get out of the house and feel human, actually converse in person and interact differently than just through emails and phone calls.  The objective after all isn’t to become a hermit but to allow flexibility with ones home-work life.

So once per week I head to Bedrock, land of the skyscrapers and concrete oceans all around.  It is a beautiful sight but grass and trees are scarce.  It absolutely helps me to appreciate when I am at home where I can hear the birds and dogs and open a window on warm afternoons.