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I glanced at the calendar yesterday and to my surprise there was only one row left to go until we bring January to a close.  Through my mind jumped several undone items from one or another of my to-do lists and then it jumped ahead to February and what is waiting there.

I had to pull out my mental fishing pole and reel my mind back in place, back to January 23rd.  This month has gone by very quickly, but they always do.  We are so excited with a brand new year then we blink and the entire first month is gone, vanished never to be seen again.

We have plans, calendars and goals that we set on multiple levels large and small, business and personal.  When we let 1/12 of a year pass by we can sometimes become discouraged with what has been completed and what is yet to be accomplished.

If I have left overs from January that protrude into February then that will throw me behind for February and we see the entire year ahead as one big disappointment of never catching up.  It is all in how we look at the situation and how we perceive ourselves.   What we need is a short respite and a mental dose of therapy.

Now that we have taken a few breathers look back at all that you have accomplished in January, yes the big items and the small.  The small may be the most important. We often overlook the small and see them as inconsequential when they are actually the ants moving the mountain and pushing us forward.

For inspiration and to keep me on the right track I often visit my Australian friend Michele Connolly of Get Organized Wizard.  No, I do not personally know Michele but I feel as though I do.  She is the creator of what you see on her organizational website.  I have visited her site over the past few years and love the information she provides.  I find it motivational, informative and so helpful in my daily life when it has gone askew.

On her site I read a Jim Rohn quote that was exactly what I needed to turn my January blues upside down and into positive accomplished tasks.  Again, it is more in how we perceive ourselves than in what is checked off the list.  Obviously we have lists and goals for a reason, we are strong willed individuals with specific mindsets; we want or need to get things done!

What we need to remember is that we are not super heroes and while having stretch goals is important and gives us something to focus on through-out the year, it is a slow process.   Take one more look back at what you have accomplished in January and the lives you may have affected positively in any way.  Be proud of what you have done thus far, not disappointed in what’s been passed over.

Now look at the remaining tasks you have left and decide which are doable in the next week and those that need to be pushed out.  Rearranging our goals and tasks is absolutely okay.  By reviewing and analyzing our goals then inserting slight modifications to our lists we have just turned the negative feelings of self worth into positives.  We can begin February with smiles and gumption and tackle what lies ahead.

 Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.

Jim Rohn