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This morning my little fellow Bailey awoke most excited remembering that yesterday when Grandmommie picked him up from school they made a special trip into the Family Dollar Store for a treat.

Bailey is the most easy to please child and not a bit bashful.  Older brother and sister were much more reserved in their childhood never, never asking anyone for anything as that might be rude; they waited to be asked first.  Not the case with Bailey open and honest is he.  His grandmothers have no worries of him ever wanting something, whether it be a doughnut or a toy, and not coming right out and asking for it.

A month or so ago Bailey took his money into the Family Dollar and purchased a small, orange,  plastic pop cap pistol from the toy isle.  Remember those? I do, we used to play with them all the time as children.  The pop-caps used to come in a roll that you fed through the toy but now they come on a plastic wheel with eight caps each.

On this most recent trip into the store Bailey knew he was out of pop-cap wheels and asked Grandmommie to purchase him another pack, and she did; maybe two I am not certain.  I know he went through one pack yesterday (160 pops!) and awoke this morning most friendly and eager, prepared himself for school with the morning routine and was ready to walk out the door before anyone else.  I noticed him going from room to room to room a little puzzled.

Finally he came to me and asked if I had seen his unopened pack of pop-caps.  I hadn’t so he continued on with his search, in and out, through each room, up the stairs and down the stairs.  At this point, I stop him and introduced him to a game called retracing your steps.  This is what you do when you have lost an item and have no idea where to find it.  We went through the steps of what he was doing the very last time he had them.  He wasn’t too sure he liked this game because it made him think way too early in the morning, but he cooperated and through those steps, one by one we found ourselves on the front porch stoop.

He looked around, no pop-caps, then his eyes beamed wide and he saw the edge of the cardboard and plastic pack wrapping lying on the ground.  He bound off the front steps to retrieved his lost treasure.

Here in the South we had extreme stormy weather last night.  Yes, you guessed it, rain to beat the band came down in droves filling every little hump and bump of the street with plopping raindrops and creating freshly made puddles.

And as little Bailey picked up his brand new pack of pop-caps off of the ground they dripped, a little.  He just looked at me and smiled and said, “It’s okay Mommy isn’t it? They will dry.” Sweetest fellow always looking for the positive in every situation; almost broke my heart to tell him that they really wouldn’t dry because once the red plastic wheel was dry, the meager amount of smokeless black-powder in each tiny cap would no longer “pop” as most of it had disintegrated with the rains.

Disappointment only crossed his face for an instant before he ran past me, back into the house, up the stairs and into his room.  A very short time later he came almost galloping back down the stairs with his own money curled up in his little fist.

In our short time on the stoop and our conversation about what happens when it rains on your brand new pop-cap wheels his precious mind had already processed his next steps.  Money in hand he said, “Hold this for me Mommy and after school we will buy another pack.”

So before the school bell rang this morning I had my first lesson of the day.  Be happy, be positive and look on the bright side of a rainy afternoon.  What happens when it rains?  My children never cease to amaze me with the complete and total wonderfulness of being a child!

What happens to you when it rains?