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One of the best things about our modern-day calendars is that we have the opportunity to begin with a fresh start and a new bright outlook twelve times a year.  Just flip the page and voila, a clean slate just waiting for us.  Okay, January is gone, close that chapter, but today is February 1st and I was so happy to see Audrey’s new face waiting for me on the other side of January.

I have a feeling each of her 12 faces in my 2013 calendar will be equally beautiful as I have never seen a bad photo of Audrey Hepburn.

What’s on your docket for the month of the Ground Hog?  Remember to review your to-do lists and home project goals making any necessary modifications to shine a positive light on them.  Create some good mojo for your self esteem and being productive in whatever you choose is a natural high!

My February goals are to blog more, finish two undone household projects, stay on track with my Goodreads; reading for myself and with Bailey and to express a single act of kindness to someone, friend or foe, at least once per day.

What are you going to do in February?