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O Lord!
That wretched, tousled, mongrel pup
has rooted all my pansies up.
The kids have scattered tinkertoys
from here to breakfast (wretched boys!).
The girls have left their beds unmade.
I feel that I have been betrayed.
Surely I deserve better than this!
Now they’ve all skittered off to school
and left the mess for me to attend to.
Drat them.
Bless them.
Muddleheaded kids – so like me that sometimes I can’t stand them.
Made in my own image – that’s for sure.
But made as surely, O Lord, in thine.
It is this, it is thee within them,
     to which I am so often blind.
     There is something worthy – eternal – within each one of them.
     Help me to see it, shining through.
     Help them to see it
     and recognize it
     and know it is of thee.