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Growing up…

I had the most beautiful two feet tall, stuffed velour rabbit whose name was nothing else than Peter.  He was one of those stuffed animals that you see rather than play with; and he had a nice spot upon the shelf.  He came complete with a little blue velour jacket and black shiny slipper shoes.  I do wish I still had him today and have never seen another quite like him.  He was part of a set of small Beatrix Potter books that I was given.  I read those books over and over, very carefully as they were special and do still have them today.  I have also (guilty) added many more of those little green covered books to my collection.

These special Beatrix Potter ~ Peter Rabbit books were small green hardback books that came with a beautifully illustrated white dust jacket.  I believe The Peter Rabbit Series is one of the first series books I can recall reading – but then, that was so very long ago. Smiling~

I read them to Bailey today and he loves when I try my English accent.  I do a very nice job of muddling it very well – just imagine a North Carolina southern girl attempting an English accent and you will know what I mean.  His is actually better than mine and I can only do it while reading Peter Rabbit. Smiling again ~

Two aspects play a part of today’s post that are different but share a common thread in that I just finished reading a very small and short book; short in length only 40 pages and small in size approximately 5 x 7.  The cover itself is what originally drew me to purchase the book at our local library’s annual book sale.  In addition to the vintage looking mustard colored cover, okay it really is by rights vintage as it was published in 1981, is the fact that it contained written information of the personal life of Beatrix Potter; this marvelous lady who brought me my Peter Tales.

So yesterday I began reading Cousin Beatie – A Memory of Beatrix Potter by Ulla Hyde Parker and today I finished it.  Also today in the house while I worked it seemed so very quiet; rather than turn on a radio I opted to invite Hazel into the office for a spell.  She enjoys stretching her legs and exploring.  Women and our need for freedom from our cages.

Hazel hopped all around the vintage hardwood floors of my office until she had satisfied her curiosity.  I showed her where her basket was but again a woman thing, unless we decide we want something on our own, we don’t want it.  So she turned up her nose at the towel lined basket and hopped to the window almost upsetting two large framed pictures waiting to be hung.  I think she startled herself with the noise and decided, on her own, that the basket might be a good place to pop a squat after all.

I took the above picture as she contentedly slept with the sunbeams shining through the window.

So here’s to you Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter, Ulla Hyde Parker and of course Hazel my Holland Lop for making my day immensely pleasing.