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PetalsSummertime is a happy time for youngsters especially during the first part of free days with no school or sports, but after a time, their less schedule-filled day can bring about boredom and a wondering of what to do.

Little Bailey is always asking if he can do this, or go there, or call T or O for a play date.  Sometimes when he is out of options, he simply entertains himself and many times I reap the rewards of his scavenging.

This morning he popped into the house and said, “Look Mommy, look what I made for you.”  It is always a big ta-dah! moment when he has crafted something brand new out of materials he finds lying around and he can’t wait to show me his newest creation.

This morning he had been down in the yard amongst the flower beds and shrubbery and created a handmade leaf flower.  He impressed me so that I thought I would share it with you!

The rest is in the words of a 9-year-old explorer, inventor, crafter and creater:

How to make a Leaf Flower

PetalsMaterials: Stalk-stem, fallen leaves, tape and scissors. (Well maybe not scissors.) Gather fallen leaves with a pointy stem at one end and a stalk-stem from your yard.

Bend the stalk-stem into a circle, so that it stays in a circle at one end.  I used tape to hold it together.  Wrap the pointy stem end around the ring then stick the pointy stem through the leaf from the back. This holds the leaves onto the ring.  Go all the way around the ring with the leaves until there is no ring left to cover.

Here is the little fellow and his creation, my leaf flower for today! I love the little heart shape that is left in the center once he has attached all of his leaves.  I don’t think that was intentional but you never know!