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Little Ones

Happy Parent’s Day!

To you my fellow parents I wish you a happy day with your family. Today is your day to be recognized for being you and take appreciation, a bow and give yourself a pat on the back for your most important job, being a parent to your children.

I have never celebrated this day or was even aware of its existence until earlier this week, but apparently, for just as long as I have been a parent (since 1994) there has actually been a day that I could have been celebrating every year.

The day was initiated by President Bill Clinton and the US Congress as a National day for observance of responsible parenting and recognition of positive role models in the lives of our children and young people. Parent’s Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday in July each year.

Do something special with your kiddos today! If in your neck of the woods it is all rain, then take the time to have some inside fun with movie watching, games, crafts, snuggling and reading. If you are fortunate to have good weather, hit the outdoors and go for a bike ride, even if just around the neighborhood. Go for a hike, long or short and enjoy some exploring time with your lads and laddies. Go fishing, swimming, or boating on a lake – maybe a trip to the zoo. If you’re on vacation whether at the beach or in the mountains see what is available in your area that is family friendly and most of all give your children some extra love today, a hug and a kiss, just because they are yours!

~ You could just set up camp on the front porch and have them bring you ice-cold lemonade ~

For more information about Parent’s Day visit parentsday.com.