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Driver's Ed

Photo by: Noah Wilcox

Babies love to babble when they first begin to talk and we help by focusing on easily recognized and associated words such as train, plane, baby,  ball and car.  We begin this from such an early age, the  combination of cars and little boys.  We purchase stuffed and colorful car toys to amuse them with.  Around their first birthday when they just start to become mobile we move up to Little Tikes cars for our little ones to bop around the yard as we follow them with the video camera.  We continue on with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.  We teach our children from the earliest age all about cars and how wonderful they are, until they bring home a little form for driver’s education.

With this single form we as parents are hurdled into the realization that our children are becoming more independent individuals and into their own rite of passage, namely a driver’s license.  Driver’s education is a two-fold process; the learning classroom portion and the infamous driving segment.

Today my middle child began the driving portion to complete the process to obtain his driving permit.  I was a little apprehensive of him being behind the wheel, with strangers, on roads where the speed limit exceeded 25 mph.  But this happens to almost every teenager and almost all parents.  I am not the only one nor the first mother to wait for the report of how the first day of driving went; and I have been through this previously with my oldest child (my daughter), but this time it was with my oldest son.

He was quite pleased with his driving performance today and thought he drove better than his co-driver, a girl.  When I asked if his instructor had anything to say after day one his only comment to that inquiry was that he might want to drive just a little slower!

Tomorrow we gear up for day two and finish the driving portion on Wednesday. This rite of passage is coming whether I am ready for it or not!

Then… we start talking about cars and we come full circle.