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I am staring out at a field of green covered with dribbling children as I sit and crochet and ponder how I will conquer the world; or at least my little part of it.

The noise of coaches and drills fade to the background as I am truly lost in thought. I am not alone though, there are the crickets here with me, keeping me company.

I had forgotten them but their little hopping within their wood-screen cage just reminded me they’re here.

I feel sure I am the only mom at practice tonight with live crickets in the truck.

As we left the house I couldn’t find the smallest child then caught a glimpse of him in the much too tall grass.

I didn’t ask any questions only nodded toward the truck. It seems while waiting on me he thought he would make the best use of his time and catch some crickets to keep company.

How very thoughtful. He had no worries that it would bother me at all, and they don’t. I am happy that he wasn’t more thoughtful and that he left the toads at home.

Just part of my day as a small boy’s mom. So glad he is still a small boy and loves to catch crickets as an afternoon present for me.