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Vintage on the ShelfThe title just popped into my head because of all the Facebook posts I have been reading about Elf on the Shelf but VINTAGE on the SHELF is what we did tonight!

My kitchen cupboard is full of vintage; vintage from my wedding, vintage from my childhood, vintage from my grandmother’s cabinets and vintage from my great-grandmother’s kitchen. I love vintage!

A few weeks ago my Bailey saw something upon the shelf that caught his interest – my great-grandmother’s potato slicer.  It has been in my cabinets for the last 9 years and I always just loved to see it sitting there.

Bailey decided that it was not much use just sitting there and that we should “try it out”.

I did have some sentimental second thoughts because it was Mommie Wilcox’s and if we were to break it then I wouldn’t have it anymore; to look at on the shelf.  I have other vintage kitchen items and dishes that belonged to Mommie Wilcox and I use them almost daily, so why not this?

I made a point at the grocery store to buy a bag of potatoes and thought we would try out the gadget for tonight’s dinner.  Bay was happy and Noah even tried a potato or two.

Before using it with our food I did wash it and placed it into the oven on 200 to quickly dry. It was a little stiff, from the past 9 years of non use, but a little cooking spray makes a good kitchen version of WD40.  Once we got the hang of how to use it (push down the handle), we had our potato slices in no time.  It really did take a lot less time that if I had hand sliced the dinner potatoes.

I’d like to think Mommie Wilcox is smiling and happy that we had her potatoes for dinner; and probably wondering just why it took me 9 years to get around to actually using something that was frequently used in her own kitchen.  I am sure she would rather me use it than just have it sitting on a shelf. I did add some nostalgia and served the potatoes in her robin’s egg blue serving bowl.