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Happy New Year’s Day 2014!

Looking up and forward and very excited about what this top of the year will be bringing for me and my family! New Year’s Eve this year (last night) we spent at a lovely party doing what Noah keeps nagging us to do…socializing.

Yes, my 15-year-old doesn’t think we are social enough; that we should get out more, meet more people and do more things. But he is right and I find myself admitting more and more that he has a very good insight be such a young age.

We get into a routine, somethings are necessary such as work and sports practices, but we end up doing the same old thing with our free time when we should be making the most out of life.  I think he is telling me to get off of the porch and “LIVE!”

So when the invitation was offered from Bailey’s friend’s family for a New Year’s Eve party, we accepted! (First step)  We accepted and had a marvelous time meeting with new people and neighbors and guess what, we didn’t stand in the corner twiddling our thumbs and it was FUN!

We had a fireworks show that was the highlight of the little people’s evening, an outside fireplace for keeping warm, rhythmic music, good company, food and drink and even a beautifully choreographed fire dance by one of our new English friends.

Thank you Whit and Marie for getting us out of the house on New Year’s Eve and for the opportunity to make new memories with new friends!