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Dear January, May I welcome you with open thoughts and request that you don’t fly by? Sincerely, Me

You know how it goes, every year, we start out with the whole year ahead and like a flash it will be March, then July and before we know it we will be carving pumpkins again.

Without time travel and worm holes, and short of making the ideas of L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time), Crichton (Time Line) and Wells (The Time Machine) come to life we are destined to believe that time doesn’t stand still and wait for us, nor can we change it; or can we?

In the words of Principal Jake Hord, “Take time to smell the flowers.” I heard that every day of elementary school, but to a child, it was just part of the morning announcements.  It wasn’t until I was much older that I understood what he was embedding into our minds. So I really do have high hopes of changing each of my days with simple happy thoughts and taking time to smell the flowers.

Now, I can’t really extend the number of hours in a day, but each day I can do things that are pleasing and memorable which will extend the thought of that day and thus, I won’t feel as if time is just slipping away.  I believe that we feel we lose time because we can’t remember the special things we do during them, or maybe we aren’t doing enough of those special things for ourselves.

Special is relative to each person and doesn’t have to be big or expensive.  It is merely something that brings you happiness and makes you smile.  The key is to be consistent so you can continue to feel in control of your time.  It is called making time for yourself.

I have a short list of the things I need for my life during this new year and was so excited about them, I thought I would share. Right on top is, HAPPINESS.  Happiness is found within and sometimes we just have to dig in our heels and maybe even get a bigger shovel~

Happiness I believe to be one of the most complex thought processes imaginable and it holds three questions: Where is it? How do we find it? And, how do we keep it?

Since we have such a short time on this earth why do we as people fill so much of our time with worry and despair instead of with happiness?  If we could find it and keep it flowing through our hearts and minds consistently each day wouldn’t we be so much better for ourselves and the ones we associate with? I do believe so!

Some of us may have more happiness than others but there is happiness to be found everywhere, and kept, and shared.  It could be that we are setting our sights too high, yes, too high.

We are socially taught that we have to have specific tangible things to be happy and if what we have doesn’t measure up, then we cannot be happy. Look a little closer at the small things in life. What makes you smile, really smile? I’ll bet more times than not it is simple and small.

When we are able to personally be happy within ourselves then and only then are we able to share it with others.  Before you know it you’re spreading happiness around like raindrops. A drop of happiness here and a dollop over there~

I don’t expect to run around all over town with a Joker’s grin on my face but it couldn’t hurt to sing a little louder and smile a little more!

So there are the first three things on my need list: HAPPINESS, SINGING and  SMILING. Have I lost you yet? Hope not. And there’s the fourth item. HOPE.

You see without hope, the first three are much harder to achieve; but with hope, the happiness, singing and smiling fall right into place. So maybe I should move Hope to the top of the list. Yes, it should read Hope, Happiness, Singing and Smiling.

In no special order I have four passions and I plan to work on each of these more, which will also increase my happiness level. Doing more of the things you love to do cannot be a bad thing!

Crocheting: I do so love to crochet beautifully colored yarns into little pretties.  My crocheting inspiration comes from so many people but mostly from my UK friend Ms. Lucy at Attic24.

Organizing: Truly, truly I hope to do much more of this in 2014 than I accomplished last year and am greatly inspired by Michele Connolly down under in Australia at Get Organized Wizard.

Photographing: I do get lazy and leave my camera at home more than I used to because my phone has a camera, but it is just not the same.  I enjoy my real camera and miss the feel of it in my hands so I shall remember it more on my outings.

Reading: Since my move early last year I have struggled with unpacking my 50 boxes of books and feel that part of me is packed away downstairs.  I love the way they feel and look and how I feel when I am reading them.  Not listing a specific goal but I will unpack more of them and find nooks and crannies in the house for them to live.

What do you want out of the coming year? Changes for yourself or your loved ones? You don’t have to set (that dreaded word) resolutions and you don’t even need a written list.  Just take a few minutes and ponder some of the things you need in your life and then think of a way to achieve it.  Small steps are best and if you’re already thinking about it then you have taken that first step.

I do wish for all of my readers more hope, more happiness, more singing and many, many smiles!