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What an awesome week with a new job, new friends made and new relationships to nurture.  A cold and dry one day, warm and rainy the next kind of week, but awesome just the same.

I have been looking for months for just the right massage therapist and this week I found her, so exciting! We met her at the fabulous New Year’s Eve party I was telling you about here. She made the appointment for the very next day.Even though the appointment wasn’t for me she made me feel so welcome. Her shop was so relaxing.  As soon as I walked in she handed me a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea and a book she thought I might enjoy reading while I waited. Dave found the session very therapeutic and relaxing. Thank you Becca!

This week I have also discovered my love for ripples! A crocheted chevron pattern or ripple is so very fun to make. I started a ripple blanket, see the header on the blog? It will be a project to keep me busy for quite a while and I will show my progress as it moves slowly along but while while waiting for the boys at the barber shop I started an over-sized ripple dishcloth or finger towel.  I am rippling all around town!

This cotton yarn in three colors makes a perfect chevron design. The base pattern I use is from my favorite Attic 24 ripple pattern and using her guidelines I can make the project as long or short as I want.  I just have to carefully follow the directions. The last three ripples I tested with didn’t come out so well and ended up being pulled out to start yet again.  I was just determined to master this thing and now I feel that I have.  It just all of a sudden clicked! If you crochet and have never tried a ripple pattern or project, please try one, you will love it.

I can remember my Mommie Wilcox crocheting ripple afghan’s when I would spend the days with her.  I never knew how she made the little ups and downs or also known as hills and valleys of the blankets, but they were mesmerizing and now I finally know too!

I did treat myself this week to a new set of vintage mugs which are absolutely delightful for my coffee addiction.  The simple design and little speckles and flecks throughout the mug just pulled me in.

Stepping out of my comfort spot a little I did manage to make it through the entire first week of my new job. I am excited about this new chapter and about meeting so many new and different people. Keep your fingers crossed that I have continued success with it. Thank you! Change is good so I will step up to the new challenge with a positive outlook and be thankful for the opportunity to learn something new.

What have you done recently that was new and challenging and had you standing at the edge of your comfort zone? Was it the thought of change or the change itself that was most moving for you? Did you find it nerve-racking or exhilarating?  I would love to know.