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Certain foods and smells trigger memories you may have long forgotten but when they resurface, the rush of “feel goods” can be so sweet.

We eat toast, quite often but this time it wasn’t just the hunger in my tummy that was being quelled it was a little trip down memory lane.

Instantly I was standing in my Little Mamaw’s kitchen watching her make buttered toast.  She always used a small toaster oven that had a pleasing single ding when the toast was ready.  She liked her toast a lot browner than I did so I would watch it through the glass and tell her when it was just right for me.  But, taking it out early meant that I didn’t get the ding.

Little Mamaw also always used margarine rather than real butter as the margarine was easier to spread and had a longer shelf life if left out of the fridge.  She had a heavy hand with the margarine and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was having buttered toast or toasted butter.  Lord love her!

As I ate my “real buttered” toast tonight she was on my mind as she so often is.  I am thankful for comfort foods and for the memories and feelings they evoke, and for little dinging toasters!

What are your favorite comfort foods of choice and what special memories do they bring to light? Who are you reminded of when you enjoy them?