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Well maybe a few more than 5.  The first thing that I thought of when this title popped into my mind was the Pick Up 5 Game that I do so often, but it usually also turns into maybe a few more because I can’t just pick up 5.

In a nut shell, this is a little cleaning game originally introduced to me as the Pick Up 10 “game” (thank you Momma) which isn’t a game at all but it does accomplish the task.  It is a way to motivate your children into helping pick up their toys but, it also works for grown-ups too.

Part of being OCD is that I do a lot of counting, heck I count everything!  Without even thinking about it as I move around the house straightening, cleaning and organizing the numbers of the items I have picked up are just automatically ticked off in my head: 1,2,3,4,5, etc.  You get the idea. It is a great little pick me up to do while the coffee is brewing, or just before you walk out the door for work, and right before going to bed.  Pretty soon those 5 or 10 items add up and you will have less to do later on. Give the Pick up 5 or 10 a try, it is very addictive, especially if you are as OCD as I am.

What I originally wanted to talk about was 5 reasons I am happy with my new job; however, that turned into more than 5 as well.  No luck with sticking to my numbers tonight.

Most of the folks that I know have to have a job for obvious reasons; they have life expenses with no trust fund.  In order to pay for the necessities of life and the fun things too we have to work.  For the last 16 years I had a job that allowed me the flexibility of working many of those years from home 4 to 5 days a week.  Had it made, but not really.  While the ease of a WFH occupation most definitely afforded me the luxury of a more flexible schedule, there were also side effects that I didn’t realize were occurring.  I became a very reclusive individual because I never saw anyone.  The adult interaction (social life) was zip.  The longer I worked that way, the longer I liked it, or so I thought.

It was great to take my children to school, and pick them up and be available if they were sick.  Very nice that getting off work meant just logging off of the computer.  No commute, no parking fees, no driving expenses just log off and move right on into the kitchen to start dinner.  Absolutely there was time saved, but also a person lost over the years.

Over the past two weeks of working outside of the house I have noticed something about myself.  I have a MYSELF~ Several things have changed for me with this transition and I think I may like them. My short list of 5 things grew a little the more I really thought about them and they are listed below.  Some you may laugh at, but some you will completely understand.

  1. I am grateful that I am getting up so early and going to bed at a decent regular time. I do not like to sleep, but I love to sleep.  Does that make sense?  I will look for and find every reason in the world not to go to bed but once I finally do crawl under the covers I am glad I am there. So my body is now on a better schedule which is good.
  2. When you work from home, guess what, no one sees you! So the little processes of dressing nice and doing your hair, face and nails, well they sort of fall to the side a bit. Now that I am in a better routine, I enjoy leaving the house every morning dressed for success.  Guess what else, it makes you feel good about yourself!
  3. I smile more~ This is because I am out and about and see more people.  I can’t look at them and frown, so I smile and when I do, I feel amazing!
  4. I meet new people, not only new co-workers, but people everywhere and you guessed it, I am actually talking to them and initiating conversations.
  5. Me time~ Commuting to and from work means time in the car with no one else.  I remember from years ago that my daily drive was my “me time” and I enjoyed having it to clear my head or organize my thoughts.  I still do.
  6. Part of # 5 is also time for singing with the radio music, sometimes really loud and unfortunately off-key a bit, but singing along with a song that moves you is a definite positive reinforcement of your well-being.
  7. I have a dedicated lunch time, a whole hour and it has been a while.  Working from home I had breaks, but I didn’t get up and go out to lunch.  It was just more recluse time. Now, even though I take my lunch I still leave the building to eat it and enjoy a little more me time.
  8. Being away from my family during the day has also allowed me to see that I miss them quite much during the day so I am even happier to get home from work to have family time, see their smiles and love them. I am not quite as snippy about the little things that I used to be snippy about, another very good thing.

There are probably even more reasons to be grateful for the recent changes in my life, but I am happy to stop with 8, which is of course more than 5. (I sound as if I am reciting a Shel Silverstein poem.)

Are you grateful? Even for one small thing? Take a few minutes for yourself and think about a situation in your life, recent or past, that you have up until now looked at as a not so positive event.

Now, pick out one thing from that event – just one, that you can identify with that is a good thing.

If we take life situations and really make an effort – you have to be open to trying, and look for a positive or good thing more times than not your one positive will turn into a chain of positives.  After a while, you will begin to feel better about the event and even yourself too!