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IMG_4750What an amazing pre-birthday weekend I had. It started on Saturday with a successful little vintage outing. I came home with just a few things that brought a simple smile to my face; a tiny greenish-brownish dish made in Japan just perfect for holding some earrings and itsy objects, a mug for my morning coffee, a 1954 printing of Heidi, a VHS (yes tape, I do still have a VCR) of Doris Day’s “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”, some old crochet and knitting hooks and had a lovely conversation with Ms. Laurie at the vintage shop about the usefulness of all things old.

On Sunday we decided to go fishing!  Fishing not catching. We always have trouble with the catching part of our fishing excursions.  Probably using the wrong bait, going at the wrong time of the day, not crossing our fingers the right way, and we have even had a gentleman tell us that it is all in the way you hold your toes!

Regardless of what we don’t catch, we go for the adventure, not for the fish~ We always have a blast getting out into Nature, cutting up and feeding the seagulls the left over bait and writing in the sand.

Our first funny was when I realized that Bailey was wearing two different shoes. As soon as he shucked them off he stepped on a clam shell slicing the heel of his foot.  With the amount of blood that was streaming, I thought we would catch a Great White for sure.  A hankie and a few minutes of pressure stopped the bleeding, mismatched shoes went back on and we baited the hooks.  The boys used bait fish, I used yarn; they fish while I crochet!

WIP Ripple Blanket    Mamaw's Red Fleece

I used the time to pull out the faithful camera and catch up on my ripple blanket. It is slowly coming along. I love being with the boys but Sunday was cold and even though I was wrapped in Little Mamaw’s lovely red plaid blanket I was still shivering.

Snow's Cut

The water was low at Snow’s Cut and the scenery was picturesque.


Hubby smiled… and disappeared…only to return with what can only be described as a combination of a decontamination / Oompa Loompa suit! Really, you just pulled this out of the truck? I thought, “There is absolutely NO way I am putting that thing on,” but I did anyway.  It was warmer and held in the body heat so I left it on and just acted crazy. 


Bailey and I looked like an Oompa Loompa and the skinny scarecrow.  We had such fun!


We headed home for some lunch before we were to try our hand surf fishing on the beach. This time Noah jumped in on the action tried on the white suit. He looked like an Oompa Loompa too! Inflated, deflated and shrunk, and best of all an Oompa Loompa with an iPhone!

When we finally got to the beach it was miraculously warm, so much warmer than at the channel.  There were colorful sights and a lot more people than I expected, but it was getting warmer.  Good thing I left the white suit at home!  Bay and I searched for shells with a few great finds.

So pretty and excited that Noah and Clem joined us for round 2 of just fishing, not catching.

IMG_4855I did another row or two before the sun slipped behind the beach houses and we knew it was time to head home.  I love making these memories with my family~