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Today  is the day, Bailey is extremely excited! He woke up this morning with sugar on his mind already planning his after school activities.  Being Friday is great all to itself but add the season opening of Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach and you have something to really look forward to.

When we moved to this seaside community my daughter and her friend introduced us to a new kind of doughnut and it came in a white paper sack instead of a green and white box. On the Carolina Beach Boardwalk is a little locally owned shop that sells plain ole doughnuts that are anything but plain! These sugary confections melt in your mouth.  The line can stretch all the way down and around the other shops as tourists and locals alike wait for their turn.

You can purchase just one but you won’t want to.  All along the boardwalk people walk around with white paper sacks and in them are dozens by dozens of the famous Britt’s Donuts!

Last year after waiting our turn and finally enjoying the white bag goodie a seagull swooped down and stole Olivia’s Britt’s Donut right out of her hand, while she was in process of eating it!  You see they’re too good to feed to the gulls!

And TODAY is the day, the grand season opening of Britt’s.  While I am working away, Dave and Bay will surely have their place in line to taste those goodies, and if I’m lucky they will save one for me!

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk and walk to shops come to life during the spring and are hopping all summer long so if you’re in our neck of the woods stop by and enjoy some Britt’s!

Pinkie ~