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Those Eyes!  Split Rail

Almost every photo shoot is different, has aspects like no other and can be full of surprises. A few Sundays ago I spent the afternoon with the Wilson Family, Momma and three boys. Having two boys of similar ages I have only respect for a Mother of three lads. Boys in all the glorious tales of snakes and snails are wonderful!  Little boys are real, fun-loving, honest to the best of their ability to be so, happy and full of mischief and curiosity. The Wilson Boys were all of these~

Rustic Colors  Sooty Stone Stoop

With a last-minute change of location and about five minutes of rethinking the brilliant idea transitioned the session from being inside to eighty-five percent outside for shooting. Natural light, natural settings, absolutely perfect. Meeting at the rustic and primitive location the boys abound from the car all smiles and full of questions ranging from why we were there and what was in that box and, did you know we were going to be here, and, etc. We began very casually~ as soon as they were away from anything resembling this century I began photographing~

Stone Stoop Family  Sooty Portrait

My personal type of photography is natural and comfortable with a feeling of being at ease. My goal is to capture the client in their element, being themselves, without them even realizing it. Rarely does a photo shoot occur without some portion of “classically posed” shots; but the rest I like to just have fun with.

Picture This  Stone Stoop Two

The reaction from the client is one of enjoyment. If clients are comfortable with you they will lose that slight, self conscious edge that a lot of people have from being photographed and the outcome will be lively and spontaneous photographs reflecting the true beauty of the individuals on the other side of the lens~

 Rock Chimney Portrait  Stone Stoop Sooty

We moved around the spacious and uncrowded venue with laughs and conversation. If two boys jaunted around for a bit I concentrated on individual shots or pictures with less than the whole group together. Mom would reign them back in for the next family picture, in a slightly different spot, then they would bounce around a little more.

  Primitive Garden Portrait  Primitive Garden Hues

It made the session stress free for all. When taking photographs in this manner, with so much movement one can’t help but to have some nonconforming poses and not so perfect smiles, but isn’t it these photographs that what makes the memories?  I believe so~

Sooty  Happy Holidays

I inevitably take too many pictures, but that always enables me to pick and choose. Many times the same shot is taken within just seconds of the previous creating the most sincere faces, smiles, postures, laughs, raised eyebrows, and so much more.

Grassland  Sooty Alabaster

I had a marvelous time with the Wilson Family. Thank you for sharing your time with me and giving me the opportunity to help you make some memories~

Cluck Cluck

** This post was originally written in 12/2011.  In the conversion from a “Page” to a regular “Post” it has the appearance of being a brand new post. ~Pinkie