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Flower Children

Lonestars and Tarheels, longhorns and gray squirrels, regardless of the many differences between Texas and North Carolina, the biggest for me is that Texas is my sister’s home state.

Mom and GirlsGmom and Two

I don’t really know how she landed there but she has always been the Merry Wanderer while I have kept my tar heels firmly planted around what was familiar to me.

Bridge PortraitArm in Arm

Due to the physical distance between us and children and schedules and life in general she doesn’t make it home for visits very often.

Sooty Alabaster

To our mother’s jubilant surprise, my sister decided to pack up all three children, the youngest never held by our mother, and make the long trek to North Carolina for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Grandsons Minus OneBridge Portrait

When I say jubilant, that may be an understatement; our mother was so excited she could hardly wait to hug and kiss those grand-babies and get her hands on the newest edition to her brood of grandchildren.

     Flower ChildNow Who's Taller

This baby made six grandchildren for my mother.  Also making this visit wonderfully special, our Mamaw now 82 would have another chance to visit with long distance great-grandchildren.

Chapel    Bridge Portrait

Sooty Alabaster    Lamp Lad

Added benefit is that three of our children are within very close ages of each other and it was extremely fun for them to get to know one another again and have some play time.

Winning the Game    Two Boys

I knew Momma was going to want pictures, so we set the place and gathered the children and set off for an informal, impromptu photo session.

The BroodStone Garden


One semi-formal place and one very casual one were chosen for the photos to be taken and the rest is in the pictures.

Horsing Around

It was wonderful to have her home again and to see our Momma and Mamaw so happy.

  Checker GameFlower Garden

Thank you Elana for all the fuss and trouble you went through to make this Thanksgiving especially memorable for us all.      Coo~Coo

** This post was originally written in 12/2011 but in the conversion from a “Page” to a regular “Post” it has the appearance of being a brand new post. ~Pinkie