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To combine my affection for reading and photography, I felt that Simple Pictures are Best would be the best name for my photography.  To take you back in time just a bit, which will also tell my age, as a small child I devotedly watched the television show “Captain Kangaroo”  Sadly, I have yet to find where you can view full length re-runs but it left a lasting impression on me.


On each show, Captain Kangaroo would sit in his rocking chair and read a book.  This is the first place I ever heard the book, “Simple Pictures are Best” by Nancy Willard.  In a nutshell, a couple wants a photographer to take their picture, but can’t seem to make up their minds of what they want in the picture with them.  In the end the very frustrated photographer snaps a shot of the couple with almost everything they own.


Back to today, when I take pictures, I feel exactly like the photographer from Nancy Willard’s book, that simple pictures ARE best.  Sometimes you need a prop and sometimes you need some jazz but for the most part, simple pictures are best, and that is exactly how I take them.  All photographs don’t necessarily have to be prim and proper, it is fun to throw a little crazy in there too.  Sometimes, it is the ones where I say, “be silly”, that the true nature of especially children is captured, are the most memorable and bring the biggest smiles.

Wilcox Library Fire Truck

I have a passion for black and whites; I call these Sooty Alabasters, because they seem to give any photograph a timeless effect.  Based on the background and the way your subject is dressed, a Sooty Alabaster photograph could have been taken today or 82 years ago.  On the contrary, in the right setting Color photographs which I call Hues, can be as brilliant, just as breathtaking and beautiful.

Little Miner Linville, NC

I am a freelance photographer by nature; plainly put, it is something that just comes naturally to me and that I do because it makes me happy!  I am rarely without camera in tow and possess an appreciation for beauty inside and out and enjoy expressing myself behind a camera.  I do my best work in comfortable natural settings, rather than in a studio with plain blue and black backdrops with trees painted on them.  Real and natural is how the image comes through if that is how it is taken.

   Linville Falls

I create my photo shoots in many locations and for any occasion; in your home or in your yard, maybe you like your treehouse so much that you want photos taken there! Local parks, back road trails and areas of interest*, or anywhere of your choosing make wonderful backdrops.  I do not limit the number of people in your photos or how many times you want to change your clothes for a different look.  I am there to take your photographs for you.


** This post was originally written in 11/2011 but in the conversion from a “Page” to a regular “Post” it has the appearance of being a brand new post. ~Pinkie