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Green Sun Hat

Hats are wonderful for rainy days, bad hair days, gym days, and early morning soccer games.  In bygone eras ladies were expected to wear hats (and gloves) or they weren’t considered dressed for society.  I love hats and that era and think women look so lovely wearing them all dressed up in their finery, but my favourite type of hats are of course my crochet hats!

Multi Beanie

In honor of National Hat Day I thought I would take them all out of their wrappings and see just how many crochet hats I do have.  It was a fun mini task and along the way I found a few that had seen better days so out they go.

Green White Beanie

Are you a hat wearer? Are you a hat collector? Do you have too many hats hanging around? Today is an awesome day to sort through them and pick the ones that you really love to wear, and the ones you don’t.

Earth tone Beanie

Do something for yourself & toss out any hats you no longer wear or like the style of.

Bobbl Beanie

~ I would love to know how many hats you have in your closet & how many you decided to donate or toss, please share in the comments section below. Thanks!