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Crochet Strawberry Poncho

Three days prior to our recent east coast snowstorm I began to crochet a poncho.  Having never tried one before I had been searching a long time for patterns that interested me.  I found an amazingly talented crocheter Nadia Fuad on the blog Yarnutopia.  Nadia is a beautiful young woman who not only has the easily understandable free written poncho pattern on her blog, she has a video of step by step instructions.  Videos and YouTube are so helpful to me when working on something new or learning new stitches.  She actually has tons of crochet patterns written out on her blog with individual videos of instructions on her own YouTube Channel.  I have already picked out several more and placed them on my “want to make” list.  I do so love lists, especially fun ones!

Nadia’s pattern is the Pizzazz Poncho crocheted up with multiple individual rows of colors while I chose to use one type of variegated yarn by Loops & Threads Impeccable in the color of Holland.  NOW, this is 100% acrylic yarn.  My very favourite for my projects is either 100% cotton or 100% wool, but I simply could not pass up the springtime colors that this yarn was lending to my winter project.

The entire body of my poncho took two full skeins, approximately 536 yards.  Another change I made was in the collar.  Nadia crochets the neck of the Pizzazz Poncho to be straight across in the back and V-neck in the front.  I chose not to make additional necking and to simply trim the existing neckline and poncho border in two rows of singe crochet, using Impeccable in Grass.  Since I didn’t differentiate between the front and back with the neckline, I added a little Grass green bobble to the point in the front.

Crochet Strawberry Poncho

With the children playing in the falling snow, I sat snuggly inside with a warm cup of coffee finishing my poncho. I stepped outside just long enough to photograph my very colorful brand new handmade poncho against a snow-covered background.

My Liveygirl arrived in the snow just in time for me to finish and give her a snow day gift.  Her first thought was, “Oh, a Strawberry Poncho!”, so that’s exactly what I called it.

Crochet Snowflake

Lastly, in honor of the snow I couldn’t resist a small crocheted snowflake with this easy pattern from Flower Girl Cottage. Have you ever crocheted a poncho? What is your favourite poncho pattern?