Who I Am and What Makes Me Think ~

Daughter of a Baby Boomer, Granddaughter of the Great Depression and Great ~ Granddaughter of the Turn of the Century, that’s me.  I have been honored in my lifetime have a momma who taught me honor, wisdom, morals, manners and that I do have a Grindstaff stinger~ To have known my grandparents and great-grandparents, very well; talked to them and listened to their stories, enjoyed home cooked meals with them, taken photographs of and with them, and have a lifetime of memories that I cherish.

I am blessed to have been married for 26 years to a man whom I believe is the smartest man I have ever known, who understands me, appreciates and loves me~ And Mommy to three beautiful huckleberries who are patient with my mid-life moody days and love me just the same.  There is nothing like a hug from your child, just because.

I am fond of Old Movies with Grant, Day and Hepburn; I find books irresistible, especially Classics, Children’s Poetry, American and English Literature.  I love to read, particularly a really old book that no one has opened in many years.  Call me crazy, I love the way an old book smells.

I find happiness in tent camping with my family deep in the Pisgah National Forest, hiking less traveled trails and old logging roads, making lists, taking pictures of my family and nature, being a soccer mom, crocheting, writing, working on my blogs, painting almost anything, working with wood, refinishing and a new found passion woodturning, de-cluttering my home and life, knowing at the end of the day that I made a difference no matter how small, reading, and drinking coffee!

I am fascinated with trees, home grown barn grapes, my children’s education, family and literacy, thunderstorms, old barns, what old people have to say and vegetable gardens.  I am eclectic and eccentric and truly believe that I must have been born in the wrong generation.


9 thoughts on “Who I Am and What Makes Me Think ~”

  1. Hello Jennifer

    Thank you for following my blog (Organised Castle). I am interested to know how you found my blog and what made you interested enough to follow my ramblings from the other side of the world.

    I will be following Walnut Cottage and will drop in regularly.

    Thanks again.



    • Hi Fairy,

      Thank you for your note. I happened upon your blog in my search on the subject of organizing. I am constantly striving to organize our home and reduce the clutter and your photograph with bookshelves caught my eye. Your blog also mentions vegetable gardens which I am also interested in learning about. I will keep reading Organized Castle and am happy to have found an Australian friend! Happy Blogging!

      Thanks for reading,


  2. Thanks for following my blog. I am so glad you did because I am thrilled to have found your blog. Your blog, like the movie “You’ve Got Mail” makes me want to sit down somewhere comfy and re-read Pride and Prejudice. And yes that a compliment:)


    • Truly amazing. “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favorite modern day (made after 1950) movies. There is a quote from a conversation between Kathleen and Joe in her living room that I adore. “Whatever else anything is aught to begin by being personal.”


      • After everything I read hear I knew I had found a fellow “you’ve got mail” fan. It is one of my favorite modern day movies as well. I would compare it to my love of “singing in the rain”!


  3. Greetings from far away Australia Jennifer
    What a beautiful biography, so childlike yet eloquent and filling my mind with all types of wonderful memories from your childhood. I loved what you said about your family, very beautifully written.
    God bless you and your family


  4. I love your site and it gives me great pleasure to tell you that I have linked you in my latest post as a part of my WordPress Family:
    I hope you have a great day!
    Amy – LifeBeam


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