Up & Up

Please know that all photographs placed on Walnut Cottage or Walnut Cottage Photographs © have been personally captured by me unless otherwise specified.

All content has been written in full by me and is my own express opinion or view on any particular topic.  No post is in any way intended to offend any one person, race, religion or group of individuals and I truly hope you find nothing offensive.

My goal is to write what I feel with the wish to have you smile, laugh with me, or at me and maybe learn something new.  If you enjoy reading just one of my posts as much as I have loved writing it to share with you then I have succeeded!  If you like it a lot, please share our link with your family and friends.

Should you like any of the content or photographs please feel free to re-blog or re-post them using a link back to the Walnut Cottage or Walnut Cottage Photographs © blogs from which they originated.  Sharing, re-posting or re-blogging should be for your own personal enjoyment and enrichment, but not for profit in anyway from the content or photographs on the above mentioned sites.  Thank you so very much for stopping by!


Jennifer Taylor Wilcox; Walnut Cottage; Walnut Cottage Photographs ©


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